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Ricard Live Music

Hi guys !!

We’re currently participating in a musical contest and we need your help.

So if you want to support us, click on the link below and vote:


Thanks in advance, you rock people :)


Seven Ages


IMG_2864 B&W

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New Flyer, Upcoming Gig

Heyy !!

Check out our brand-new flyer !

We’re proud to announce our next gig which will occur on January, 23 2015

at the Covent Garden !

Click here or there ;)

Stay tuned people !


Flyer Covent Farden



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Seven Ages – Live Antipode (05/09/2014)

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Seven Ages – Live Flèche d’Or

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New Gig for Seven Ages !

Hey guys !

Don’t forget we’ll be playing at the Gibus Café next Saturday around 8pm with two other rock bands: Skill Eyes and Good But Stupid !

Here’s the link to buy your ticket !


Rock on !


Seven Ages


Photo Alhambra (Best of Emergenza)


Heyy !!


On vous rappelle qu’on sera en concert ce samedi 31 mai à 20h aux côtés de Skill Eyes et Good But Stupid !

Voici le lien pour accéder à la billetterie en ligne !


Rock on !


Seven Ages

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Seven Ages – Live Alhambra (08/05/2014)

Heyy guys !

You can check an extract from the gig taken by a fan on youtube right here

Don’t forget our two upcoming shows:

– La Flèche D’Or (18/05/2014)

– Gibus Café (31/05/2014)


Rock on !!


Seven Ages


Poster Flèche d'Or


Poster Gibus café

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